AI assistant for social media content

Are you an expert, small business owner, business leader, or marketing professional who constantly battles against the clock? Are you looking for a smoother way to create your social media content?

Introducing our AI assistant, developed in Europe, specifically designed to easily write social media posts. With support for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Reclaim hours of your month!

SocialSnips - Social Media Content Generator
Save hours per month

Never let the blank page haunt you again

Say goodbye to writer's block and wasted hours designing social media posts with our innovative platform.

Imagine - articles you read or write, the ideas you have, effortlessly transforming into engaging social media messages. What if that is within reach? A user-friendly tool to easily generate messages yourself. Personalized, engaging, and always in line with your personal or business brand.

Although our platform relies on advanced AI, you don't have to worry about it taking over your profile. You retain complete control, can provide feedback, make manual adjustments, and perform the final review before a message is posted.


Everything you need to build your social media presence

Social Media Post Generator

Use AI technology to generate personalised social media posts using our powerful wizard.

Repurpose AI

Our snipping engine let's you repurpose existing content, like articles & documents, in engaging social media posts.

Social Media Imagery

Craft fresh AI generated imagery for your posts or let AI find the most relevant stock photos.


Pre-plan your social media posts to be published exactly when you want, ensuring a streamlined and consistent social media presence.


Want to keep up how AI enables you to be more productive in Social Media? 

Research about use of AI in productivity

Become more productive now

Shakked Noy and Whitney Zhang from MIT have just released the results of their empirical study, which focused on business professionals leveraging AI to generate a diverse range of documents.

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